Fire Service Testing Company, Inc.
Entry Level Testing
Untrained Candidates
Trained Candidates
These are "man off the street",
newspaper ad, general population
applicants who are not expected to
have any prior knowledge in the
field.  They cannot be examined
on technical areas, therefore.  

For these candidates,  it is
appropriate to use:

1) Written General Aptitude Test

2) Physical Agility Test

3) Psychological Tes
These are already-trained, new
police or fire academy graduates,
auxiliaries, volunteer firefighters,
transfers-in from other agencies,
anyone who is expected to already
have knowledge and/or
certification in the field.

For these candidates, it is
appropriate to use:

1) Written Knowledge Test

2) Physical Agility Test

3) Psychological Test
It is possible to "mix and match" between trained and untrained elements of a
test.  For example, a test may be mostly General Aptitude, but include 25% of fire
knowledge specifically to favor those with some fire background.  This is valid
and permissible as long as it is made clear in the job announcement.

Also, a test for trained personnel may or may not include EMS questions in some
percentage.  Sometimes an agency will advertise for "Paramedics; training will
be provided in Police Operations", etc.

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