Instrument can be configured as:

1.  A personality screen, a non-medical procedure, which makes it suitable
for pre-offer candidates, or

2.  A personality + selected pathologies screen, which makes it a medical
procedure, restricted to post-offer candidates.

Customers receive IDs and PINs to distribute to their Candidates.  Tests are
taken on line and can be taken unsupervised, as there is no apparent rhyme or
reason to the questions, typical of psychological instruments.

Scores are generated within 24 hours and reported to the Agency in a form
suitable (but not required) for sharing with candidates.  "Bob tends to be a
social member of a group and so may prefer to work alone when he must
concentrate ... "  etc.

Jurisdictions who have used the services of local psychologists in the past,
which may include complete workups with ink blots, childhood issues and so
forth, may be surprised and well-pleased to find an alternative that is focused
specifically on Protective Services Personnel, in the dimensions relevant to
emergency services work, with a decades-solid reputation, and for perhaps a
quarter of what they have been paying.

Tests may be stockpiled and do not have to be used all at once.

This is a powerful addition to any Promotional Testing Process.

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This 185-item instrument, taken on-line, is designed specifically for the Protective Services, which
includes Police, Fire, & Military personnel.  It screens for four attributes:
4. Interpersonal Relations