These tests do not assume any prior knowledge or training in the field and
instead measure General Aptitude, Cognitive Ability, and General
Knowledge, covering such topics as

- Basic Reading Skills
- Comprehension
- Basic Math Skills
- Reasoning
- Vocabulary
- Weights and Measures
- Etc.

Written Tests arrive in a tamper-evident kit containing:

1.  Test booklets
2.  Bubble-in answer sheets
3.  Pencils
4.  Instructions to proctor
5.  Challenge instructions
6.  Prepaid return express shipping
7.  Answer key, if ordered

This is everything needed to conduct the testing.

Questions are all 4-choice, multiple-choice, with one correct answer and
three incorrect ones.  We do not use "two of the above", or "pick the best
answer", or "A and C but not D", etc.

- Tests are 100 questions unless customer specifies longer or shorter
- Customer returns all testing materials to us (may keep copies of answer
- We report scores within 24 hours (customer may order scoring key instead)
- We handle all challenges
- Customer may specify passing grade (70% is usual)
- Tests may be scored absolutely or "on a curve" as needed

We keep all responses to all questions by all candidates on all tests we
furnish, indefinitely.

These tests allow us a look at candidates' intellectual capabilities, as well as
general education, language skills, and ability to understand and respond
accurately to what is communicated to them.  This type of test serves the two
necessary functions of any Entrance Test, 1) Gatekeeper and 2) Predictor.


To succeed in the Emergency Services, all applicants must, at a minimum, be
able to read, comprehend, speak the language of the organization, and
demonstrate a certain minimal intellectual capability and ability to learn.

We may wish it weren't so, but it is so, and failure on our part to do our due
diligence and ensure that the people we are sending out there to do the work
are capable of doing the work would constitute negligence on our part leading
to inevitable, and foreseeable, problems down the line.  We must make this


We usually have more candidates than we can use, so we need a way to sort
them by capability.  This enables us to select the best and brightest, which our
constituency wants us to do.  This test does that:  other things being equal, the
higher-scoring candidate on a General Aptitude test is the better qualified
over the lower-scoring.  Again, due diligence requires that we use the best
methods of the day to find the most qualified candidates for entry into our

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