Emergency Services Personnel Testing Practices
Step by step guide for testing your Police, Fire,
or EMS personnel for Entry or Promotion using
valid, technically-correct method.
  •        Choosing a Book List
  •        Prep Time / Prep Aids
  •        Challenges - Which are Valid
  •        Disparate Impact
  •        What to do in-house, what to out-source
  •        Assessment Center
  •        Psych Eval
  •        Increase Minority Representation
What a great guide to follow for anyone involved in recruiting, hiring, or promoting within
their organization.  If you follow the guidance and use a reputable testing company you will
stay out of trouble.  Potentially the cost savings are huge.  The book is so well written and
easy to read, it is like listening to a familiar speaker talking to a room full of students,
without the "lecture".

Roger E. Bradley, Director
International Association of Fire Chiefs
New England, USA

The New Jersey Career Fire Chiefs Association has been using the protocol presented in
the book Emergency Services Personnel Testing by Henry Morse to test member
departments for several years now.  Using these Best Practices has resulted in minimal or
no challenges, and clean, efficient testing.  We endorse and recommend this new book to
anyone responsible for the Personnel Testing for Employment or Promotion in their Police
or Fire Department.

New Jersey Career Fire Chiefs Association
West Orange, NJ

This text is well designed and should be a must for agency testing officials.

Mike Wieder
Executive Director, IFSTA
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, O

This book is very well written and truly exemplifies the ideal approach to emergency
services personnel testing practices.  The discussion of Disparate Impact is sound and
appropriate and it has a good potential to create an environment of parity and equality.  
Very well put together.

Dr. Maria Haberfeld
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Law, Police Science, and CJA
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
New York, NY

This book should be on the "must read" list for all those involved with the hiring and
promotion process for fire and police departments.  It provides a step-by-step process that
is fair, balanced, and objective for the candidate and the employer.

Chief John, S. Senft (ret)
Department of Fire/Rescue Services
City of York
York, PA

The definitive reference and how-to guide for emergency personnel testing practices.  
Thorough, well written, with clear, step-by-step procedures for every phase of testing from
beginning to end, including a section on addressing challenges such as Disparate Impact,
which have long been needed.

Indie B. Bollman, MBA, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Private Industry
Jacksonville, FL

By far the most comprehensive book/manual of testing practices I have run across in my 34
years in the Fire Service.  Covering a wide array of legal issues that are key to avoiding
problems or potential litigation, definitely a "must read" for Fire, Police, and EMS
administrators involved these practices.  Additionally any Human Resources department
should have this book on hand.  It can be read and used in its entirety or in cafeteria style
as applicable to your situation.

Mark A. Miller
Fire Chief
Vail Fire and Emergency Services
Vail, CO

An essential "How To" guide for any fire service administrator tasked with conducting
either employment or promotional testing for their organization.  Further, it provides the
information necessary to avoid common pitfalls found in constructing or contracting such
processes.  An invaluable tool, and a must have for a fire service administrator's library.  
Well done!

Lorin L. Mock
Fire Chief / Emergency Manager
Clay County Department of Public Safety
Green Cove Springs, FL

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