Promotion can be one of three types:

1.   Promotion to Technical Position - [PT]

A technical position is one that does not include supervisory responsibilities.  
This could include Driver/Operator, SWAT Team Member, Swift Water
Rescue Technician, etc.  These positions might "ride up" at times, assuming
supervisory responsibilities for a shift, but not routinely.

2.   Promotion to First Supervisory Position - [P1]

This is the Candidate's first supervisory job, such as Company Officer, Patrol
Sergeant, Hazmat Team Leader, etc.

3.  Promotion to Higher Supervisory Position - [P2]

This is promotion from one supervisory position to a higher one.  Examples
would be Police Captain, Fire Battalion Chief, EMS Deputy-Director, etc.

Each type of Promotion requires different types of testing.  For more
detail, samples, and pricing, click the links below.

Remember, those are:

PT - Promotion to Technical Position
P1 - Promotion to First Supervisory Position
P2 - Promotion to Higher Supervisory Position
Promotional Testing

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