Fire Service Testing Company, Inc.
Promotion to First Supervisory Position

These candidates should be tested for subject knowledge, supervisory knowledge,
and psychological suitability for supervision.  We have a choice of Testing
Instruments at this level.

Written Testing

Always appropriate, this Instrument should be used to test Candidates' subject
knowledge of the new position, as well as their familiarity with any basic or
fundamental knowledge they are expected to have, including Department SOP's,
the essentials of company operations, field procedures, and so forth.

Psych Testing

This is one of the two other times than Entry when Psych Testing should be
conducted.  Supervision requires an entirely different skill set and psychological
makeup than non-supervisory work and it is nothing less than prudent to check
those attributes at this time.  It is comparable in cost to Written Testing.

Assessment Center

The Crown Jewel of Promotion Testing, an Assessment Center provides a full and
detailed look at Candidate capabilities, well simulated to the stressful conditions
of real life.  It may be considered optional at this First Supervisory level. There is
nothing stronger.  It is best used in conjunction with Written and Psych testing
and should not be considered a substitute for either of those.

Our Customers may specify sources to use, and all other test parameters.

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