Fire Service Testing Company, Inc.
Promotion to Higher Supervisory Position

These candidates should be tested for subject knowledge, supervisory knowledge,
and administrative topics.  Psych testing could be considered optional, unless
perhaps they are new to our organization, in which case it might be considered
recommended; same for any sort of physical - except possibly the basic medical
workup, again if new to the organization.  We would use Written Testing and
Assessment Center for these Candidates, with Psych an option, especially for

Written Testing

For Higher Supervisory Candidates, we will examine their management and
administrative knowledge, Department knowledge, and applicable Federal and
State Documents such as Statutes, Pre-Hospital Medical Protocols, and/or Civil
Defense or Disaster Preparedness Plans.

There are several fine texts in print from which to draw the principles of
Management and Administration, as well as the other document types listed.

Psych Testing

This is one of the two other times than Entry when Psych Testing should be
considered.  Higher Supervisory Level and Administration require more advanced
skill sets and psychological stability than non-supervisory work or a First
Supervisory position and it is a good practice to check and document those
attributes at this time.  It is comparable in cost to Written Testing.

Assessment Center

This is the front line Instrument of choice for Promotion to Higher Supervisory
Candidates.  These key organizational positions should have the most careful and
comprehensive examination we can provide - and that is the Assessment Center.  

Consisting of up to six separate exercises, many of them interactive, an
Assessment Center provides a full and detailed look at Candidate capabilities,
well simulated to the stressful conditions of real life.  It puts them in Command of
Major Incidents, has them interacting with Community Groups, Employee
Groups and/or media, and examines their Administrative Skills.  It is best used in
conjunction with Written and Psych testing and should not be considered a
substitute for either of those.  Taken together, those three provide a "best practice
of the day", duly diligent, and comprehensive look at Candidates capabilities.

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