Fire Service Testing Company, Inc.
Promotion to Technical Position

Technical Positions are those that do not involve primary supervisory
responsibilities.  In law enforcement, these could be acceptance onto a SWAT
team, lateral transfer to Detective, transfer or promotion to Crime Scene
Investigation, etc.  On the fire side this would be Driver/Operator, High-Angle
Rescue Team and so forth.  In EMS this might be promotion to a position of
Flight Medic, for example.

These candidates should be tested extensively for subject knowledge.  The
Instrument of choice for that is

Written Testing

It would be appropriate to use mainstream industry textbooks as well as
Department Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines, and the like.  Also,
statutes, State and Provincial Protocols, and other government sources such as
FAA, FEMA, and DOT are often applicable and relevant.  Since the new position
is not one of management, it would be optional to include a small section on
management or supervisory practices as both an introduction to the concepts for
later on, and also because these positions may "ride up" as squad leaders at
times.  The usual length of a written test is 100 questions but there is no reason not
to use 150 or more even, if the subject is especially detailed or extensive.

For more detail on Written Testing, click the link below.